How to Room Swap

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After Self-Assign ends, students can still change their room! A room swap means two students agree to switch rooms and perform the swap online themselves.

To start the process simply log-in to My Housing and use the Room Swap tab on the gold bar. Advertise your room and search for another advertised room you that suits you better. Direct messages can be sent to other students through the Room Swap process.

Steps to complete a room swap:

  1. Student A and Student B log into Room Swap, indicate building preferences and advertise their rooms.
  2. Student A "Requests" to swap with Student B.
  3. Student B logs back into Room Swap and clicks "Accept" the request.
  4. Student A logs back into Room Swap and clicks on “Initiate Swap” by Students B’s name.
  5. Student A MUST then click "Complete Swap" on the Room Swap confirmation page. The Swap is now complete!

Room Swap will be available after room assignments are completed. If you know someone who plans to cancel and you want to swap to that room, be sure to complete a room swap PRIOR to that student canceling their housing contract/room online. You can also submit an Administrative Room Change Request, which gives Georgia Tech Housing permission to change your room assignment.

Learning Community students can room swap within their Learning Community buildings. 

Those in Student Staff rooms, Athletic housing, and Family-Monthly apartments are not eligible for Room Swap. Changes for these rooms should be requested by the program coordinator or assignments office.