Move-in Tips & FAQs

Students and parents moving.

There are so many things to consider when you move onto campus. Here are a few tips that will help you as you make the move.

Covid-19 Safety

Georgia Tech requests all individuals traveling to Atlanta from an international location to follow guidance from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC).

Getting to Move-In

Area Offices

Campus Map

Check-in will take place at the Area Office associated with your hall. Students should park in their permitted lot and visit the area office.

Early or Late Arrivals

Please visit our Early or Late Arrivals Page for information on what you should do if you need to arrive outside of official move-in dates. 

Special Programs Arrival

Please check with your Program Director, not Georgia Tech Housing, to receive any specific move in directions.

Technical Help

The Wreck Techs are the one-stop-shop for all Housing resident technology support needs. Our student residential technology advisors provide support for the wired/wireless network and cable television services throughout residence halls.

The Wreck Techs also provide software support for computers, internet-connected consumer electronics, gaming systems and smart mobile devices. For a complete list of everything you need to know concerning technology within Housing, please visit

Move-In Time

Students will choose a move-in appointment. 

You can Log in to My Housing and view the confirmation page of your application to change your move-in appointment.

Check-In Process

Early and Full summer residents should visit your Area Housing Office on August 13th to check-in and get your key. Area offices are open for check-in between 8 a.m. and 6 p.m. If you will not be able to check-in within that time frame, please visit our website for information on checking in after hours. 

Parking & Unloading

Residents should park in their permitted lot before visiting their Area Office to check-in. After checking in, students can unload their belongings into their room. Some bins will be available to assist with your move, which you can also find at your area office. We ask that you quickly use the bin to transfer your belongings from your car to your room and then return it before settling in further. 

Shipping Items

All student mail and packages are delivered through the central Georgia Tech Post Office. Incoming students will not receive a mailing address until after registration for classes. For student mail guidelines and information on how to obtain your address information, go to the Georgia Tech Post Office site. Students are responsible for sharing their address information. 

Due to the Post Office's recent relocation to a temporary space while their home is renovated, we ask that you do not ship large items like futons, bicycles, or refrigerators. We cannot accommodate such large items in our space. Please also keep in mind that a student is responsible for transporting their large shipments back to their residence halls.  Residents are strongly encouraged to purchase large items from local retailers. 

Also DO NOT send any package to your room or residence hall, in care of Georgia Tech Housing, or any of our community offices. Due to lack of storage space, these packages will not be accepted under any circumstances. Please time the shipping of your packages to arrive no more than five (5) days prior to your arrival on campus.

Room Changes

You can do it yourself. Simply log into your My Housing application and use the Room Swap tab on the gold bar. Room swap begins after all residents have selected their room. Advertise your room and search for another room you might like to change into using this online function. Early and Full Summer Room Swap ends July 25 @ 10:00am. 

Verify Your Room

Make sure that the room you move into is the same room that is stated in your My Housing.  Check the room number displayed at the hallway entrance to your room and the letter over the bedroom door if you are in an apartment or suite.

For safety reasons, do not change rooms with another resident without approval.

Room Condition

 Once you move into your room you may need assistance with such things as bed lofting or air conditioner adjustments. Simply submit a maintenance request on-line. From the Housing homepage select Maintenance Request and follow the directions.

Please provide specific details. You will receive a request number that enables you to follow up on the progress of your request.