Grad and Family Unfurnished Apartment Move-In

Family Monthly Unfurnished Apartment Family Monthly bedroom and bath 

Tenth and Home Unfurnished Apartments for Graduate Students and Students with Families

Early and Full Summer 2022 Move-In: May 13

New Graduate Student 2022 Fall Move-In: August 13, 15-20

Returning Graduate Student 2022 Fall Move-In: August 15-20


Please check your email for directions related to your specific check-in location and process. The details you need in order to successfully move in will be communicated to you directly by email.

A list of tips for move-in day.

We know moving a student into their room is a big step. Additionally, the move-in process this year will be different from anything you've seen before as we work to maintain the safety of our community.

Visit the Move-In Tips webpage for more information on how to make this monumental move a smooth one. 

A list of which items to bring

As you plan your arrival to Georgia Tech we ask that you limit the items you bring to essentials only. Be mindful and minimal as you pack your belongings to make your move-in experience as smooth as possible. By doing so, you help us encourage the safety of our volunteers and your fellow residents. 

Visit the Move-In Items to Bring webpage for information on recommended and prohibited items.